Travelling Tyler

Tyler Steven Peter Biffin

Tyler is one of my second cousins and belongs to The Biffin Family. Ty couldn't wait to meet me and rushed into the world just days after I was born, so we're neck and neck for development (he has teeth though, which puts him way in front!!!). Ty and his family are currently travelling Australia and so I haven't seen as much as him as I'd like since we were born, but when they come back home to roost, I know we'll form a friendship that will see us through many pub crawls!

Tyler & I, just weeks from birthTyler & I just weeks after birth!Ty
Tyler's looking to escape!
Getting to be Big Boys!!!

February 2008

I visited Tyler in early February while he & his family were home on a break from their holidays. Ty is absolutely gorgeous (according to my Mama, anyway) and appears to be a very sweet, contented little boy. Within a couple of minutes of being there though I had him in tears - I didn't even shout very loudly this time!

April 2008

Tyler's growing up too!
I had a great chance to play with Tyler (and his beautiful sisters). Tyler is a gorgeous little boy and we played really well together (there were no tears this time!). We seem to be at about the same stage developmentally, so it was nice to have someone to crawl around with and explore.

Friendly Rendezvous

27th October 2008

Jack & I caught up with the travelling Biffin family today while they were down in Brisbane for a visit. I had a lot of fun playing with Tyler, though wasn't too sure how to react when he kept tugging me over. I played very nicely though and didn't bat an eyelid, so Mama was very proud.