Third Year Milestones

So Long, Farewell, auf Wiedersehen, Adieu

A lot of this page will be about my growing out of things and mastering new, much bigger boy, tasks. It's a sad page really - whereas the other Milestone pages were happy to be bringing you the news of my newfound skills, this page really sees a lot of those skills redundant...

The Dummy

My friend, my dummy, was the only thing I ever really asked for in the first 3 years of my life. Mama & Dada briefly toyed with taking it away from me earlier (only to abandon their efforts when they realised I just clearly wasn't ready). However, when I turned the big 3 and no longer had a day sleep, the time had come for my dummy & I to part ways. In the end, it wasn't too much of an emotional farewell. The dummy was replaced by my new best friend, Goodnight Bear and after 2 days I had moved on and forgotten all about it.


I was day-time toilet trained just after we moved into our new house at the beginning of 2010. Like most everything I do, there was no drama about it - a couple of accidents and then, hey presto, I'm on my way. The thing I really had to work on, more than anything, was putting my undies on without sitting on the toilet floor. (That sort of thing might be fine at home, but not so much at the shopping centres!) The big toilet training surprise was when I also decided I was done with nappies at night. I simply just started getting up to go to the toilet during the night and, after months of dry nappies every morning, Mama & Dada figured that I really had got myself both day and night trained. And so, with just a little bit of sadness, our last nappy was used in June 2010!!!