Second Year Milestones

The August '08 Milestones Movie

Each month we bring to you a small snippet of my life in movie format. Some of the movies are just too cute for Mama to delete, especially when it's been a month with lots of milestones, like August 2008....

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These Boots Were Made For Walking (or wobbling)!

Finally, the moment my Mama has been waiting for so that she can finally get me some shoes!!!! I took my first steps on Saturday, 2nd August 2008 in the Games Room of the Crowne Plaza Pelican Waters. Nanna witnessed my first step, closely followed by Mama, Dada & Jack who saw me take a couple of steps minutes later.

Babble Babble...

My Dada has been known to talk people to sleep (mainly Mama). My Mama can talk the leg off a chair (she must get that from Nanna). Jackie can talk under wet cement (or so my Mama & Dada say). So, it's not surprising that I like to babble, shout, roar, chat and laugh as much as possible throughout the day.

I've got quite a good vocabulary developing. A lot of it sounds very similar, but I use the sounds consistently each time in different circumstances, so it won't be long until they develop into more distinguished words.

At fourteen & a half months, my daily natterings go something like this:-

"Dah, Dah" - Jack, Jack
"Dah" - What's that
"Op, Op" - Up, Up
"Myum, myum" - Food, give me food!
"Myum, myum" - Mmmmm, this is really good food!
"Myum, myum" - Milk please!
"Bah" - Bath
"Bar bar" - Usually a request for "Baa Baa Black Sheep"
"Da, Da" - Dada
"Mum, Mum" - Mama
"Ed Ed" - Teddy

StairMaster 2007

After watching me try to attempt to climb up a set of stairs at a playground, Mama brought me home to try it out. I first climbed out stairs on Thursday, 19th June 2008 and found it incredibly easy - now I love climbing up them (though no one is game to let me try going down yet!!!). It's a lot easier to bring the groceries upstairs now and it gets me a little bit more tired too, so everyone's happy!

Toofy Tales
And then there were (more!)... Teeth!!!

After taking quite a while to finally get some teeth, I've continued to get them in a slow and steady pace. They really are ancillary - I could chomp through meat without them just fine (though they do make biting people's fingers more interesting!).

My teeth so far:-
* Top right lateral incisor - 7th March 2008
* Top left lateral incisor - 24th March 2008
* Bottom right central incisor - 13th April 2008
* Top left central incisor - 14th April 2008
* Top right central incisor - 15th April 2008
* Bottom left central incisor - 25th April 2008
* Bottom left lateral incisor - 1st June 2008
* Bottom right lateral incisor - 10th July 2008
* Top left first molar - 4th September 2008
* Top right first molar - 6th September 2008
* Bottom left first molar - 23rd September 2008
* Bottom right first molar - 25th September 2008
* Top right cuspid - 9th October 2008
* Top left cuspid - 14th October 2008
* Bottom left cuspid - 24th October 2008
* Bottom right cuspid - 5th November 2008


While I continue to cruise all over the place and still require a wall or some furniture (or someone's legs!) to assist in actually standing up, I'm starting to perfect my ability to stand alone without holding on to anything.

I first held the pose for a couple of seconds in mid-May 2008, and the duration has been getting longer and longer since. On the 20th September 2008 I perfected my ability to stand up unaided, which pretty much meant that crawling became a thing of the past!