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Happy Easter Boy
Holidays Are Here!

6th April 2012

After spending a large amount of time working on my Easter Bonnet, I proudly showed it off at school last week. It was not the biggest or the brightest but it was all my own work and I loved it!

Lots of enthusiasm...
not a lot of style.
I've been wearing it around the house while we're on holidays too - in fact, it's amazing that I didn't wear it to bowling.

It's not really like I needed any identifying items at bowling though - everyone knew I was there by the deafining thud the ball kept making on the floor every time I threw it!

Tricky Fingers!
Bowling was a bit of a reward for me because I'd been such a trooper the day before while Jackie was at a CSIRO workshop. I spent the entire day waiting around with Mama, amusing myself playing trains, Tricky Fingers and Uno.

I am turning into somewhat of the Uno champion, as a result!

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