Hanging out in the gym
Max will sleep anywhere!
Gorgeous Sarah & Max
Maxi Boy

Max is the gorgeous son of my Godmother, Sarah and her husband, Paul. Like me, he is the second child and has a wonderful big sister, Olivia who helps to look after him.

Maxi is a few months younger than me which at the moment can mean quite a lot in terms of what we can each pull out of our bag of tricks, but he'll be crawling around with me soon enough and then there'll be no stopping us! He's a very sweet, happy little boy and together we are going to have years of fun and adventures.

Max as an elf
Maxi does the "Bono look"
Maxi Boy gets bigger!

10th March 2008

Max is getting bigger and bigger and will soon catch up to me. He turns 6 months old at the end of the week and Mama & Sarah are still wondering where all that time has gone! These photos of Max were taken in the last few days during the whirlwind of celebrations for Livvy's birthday.

Push harder....
don't stop!
My Pusher, Maxi

25th July 2009

Maxi & I are fast becoming firm friends. He is such a gorgeous little boy - he's funny, kind and clever which are all the attributes I look for in my friends. We regularly get together on a Tuesday morning to cause havoc while our mothers attempt to drink tea. Luckily for them, the havoc is actually quite sedate and contained.

Happy Birthday Maxi-bonbon!

28th September 2009

Jack & I enjoyed a fabulous time at Max's yesterday afternoon, celebrating the wonderful milestone of Maxi turning two years old. Clever Sarah came up with a brilliant idea to keep the children entertained throughout the entirety of the party - give them a huge honker pile of dirt to play in! We had an absolute ball, got nowhere near as filthy as Mama anticipated and got to eat cake into the bargain!!!

Sam gets into the digging
Jackie supervises
The birthday boy!!!
Checking out the party bags!