Main Beach - December 2007

My stripey beach wear
At first it appeared that taking me on holidays to the beach was not my parents wisest decisions. On Boxing Day we drove down to Main Beach to stay at Granda & Granny's apartment. I have visited there once before and my behaviour from that holiday wasn't filling my parents with hope that this holiday was going to go smoothly.

After being very unsettled Christmas night, I continued to be out of sorts on Boxing Day. I was fine when I was awake - it was this port-a-cot they kept trying to put me to sleep in that would cause the problems. It didn't have bars, like my cot and I couldn't quite turn horizontal in it which was a definite downside! Thankfully, all it took was one day and I figured out that this was going to be my bed for a while and settled down. I did, for some bizarre reason, decide to wake each morning at 5am. It was very kind of me because it meant Mama or Dada got to keep their exercise up and take me for a walk along the beach so I didn't wake Jack. I try to help!

Ready to swim
This bath is huge!!!
We weren't exactly blessed with the finest of weather, but obviously that didn't bother me at all. We went swimming in the indoor pool which I absolutely loved - I could not get enough of it! (I also quite like having a bath too, so Mama's hoping I'm a bit of a water/swimming fan.} Every now and then my arms went a bit too wild though and I gave myself a huge splash and kind of looked around thinking "who did that!".

Wind-styled Sam

I loved going on our walks to the park on the afternoons when it wasn't raining. In general, I love going for walks and sit up in the pram, happy as Larry, chatting away to everything in sight. It was extremely windy some days though, so I came back with some particularly trendy wind-styled hair styles a couple of times! I was also quite impressed with Dreamworld on the day we went - so much so that I had a 2 hour sleep in my pram! If you asked me what I liked about Dreamworld I would answer "the boat ride" because that's pretty much all I was awake to see!

Waterfalls in the park"Sleeping"On a walk with JackieYou mean this boat thing moves?!?

Of course, as is always the case with holidays, one of the highlights for me was food, food, food. I'm fairly fond of my tucker (I don't know if anyone could tell that just by looking at me though!) and am already very keen to try and feed myself. Mama & Dada passed some of the time during the rainy days by letting me have a go with the spoon - it wasn't too messy!

I could flick this at you, you knowBut I like the taste of it too much!First you get some toast...Slowly bring it up to your mouththen pounce!
All in all, I did have a good time but was glad to get home to my cot. We went out a few days later and I was put down in my port-a-cot but it seems I'd already forgotten I'm meant to sleep when they put me in there.... Hopefully by next year my short-term memory will be a bit better!!!