My 4th Birthday

My 4th Birthday Celebrations

The Party

To celebrate my 4th birthday, I chose a Puppy Party with my nearest and dearest friends. We had some fabulous puppy themed games plus a few of my current favourite games like tag and hide and seek. We dined on puppy themed food and just had a fabulous time all round!

The Guests

I had a couple of kindy friends over, plus a few family friends. My lovely Big Uncle Timmy came to help the proceedings along and be chief photographer and Nanna & Uncle Jason helped Mama out in the kitchen. Dada, of course, was Chief Puppy Paul and was in charge of proceedings.

Jordy & Max
Gracie & Jen
Sammie & James
Sam, Freya & Isabella
Sam & Jen
Gracie, Sam & Isabella
Gorgeous Gracie
De Dahls
Sam & Livvy
Sam & Timmy

The Food

Puppy dog shaped cookies, bone shaped sandwiches, sausage dogs, slinky apples, meatballs, corn on the cob, sunshine balls, chocolate kibble cups and puppy milk. All my favourite foods headlined the puppy buffet and were followed by a sensationally cute Puppy cake.

Chow time!
Bone biscuits
Dog Food
Party Bags
Make a wish
Cake time
The cake

The Fun

We all made a very cute puppy photo frame to to kick start the party fun and then followed with some fabulous games - hide and seek, fetch, doggy obedience school, tag and pass the parcel (where everyone received their own fabulous pair of puppy ears). Dada was in charge of all the games and did a fabulous job organising all the little puppies!!!

Musical chairs
Pass the Parcel


Hide and Seek

Jen counts
Hiding in the trees
O counts
Jackie's hiding spot
You can't see me
No, really!
Jen & Grace
Gracie girl
Jackie counting
Dada's odd hiding methods
My turn to count!

The Actual Birthday Day

Banana pressies!
My birthday was on a Wednesday and was super exciting because I got to go to kindy and celebrate my day with my kindy friends!

Having your birthday at kindy is pretty special. You get to be Child of the Day and go through a little birthday ceremony all about you.

We talk about how many times the earth has gone around the sun and what's happened each year in my life. I get to blow out the candles on a big wooden cake and then we go outside to share cupcakes.

Choosing the weather
About today
I also had a special book which I had made with Mama that had photos of my on my birth day and every birthday since. As a special treat for Mama, I got to do my show and tell early while she was there, so Mama got to see me show it to all of my friends.

Show and Tell
Child of the day
With Mama
The earth and the sun
And me!
Showing off my cakes

My teacher, Carol, then read it again to all my kindy friends. We measured how big I was when I was just a little baby and then how big I am now.

My kindy teachers remember the day I was born because Jackie brought a photo of me in for his show and tell, so celebrating my birthday at kindy was pretty special!

Handing out cakes
How big I was
How big I am now
Showing off my shirt
After kindy I had a small mini celebration with Mama at the shops.

We then came home and a big round of present opening followed before the very special fish and chips dinner which I'd been waiting for days to enjoy.

Following fish and chips there was another set of candles to blow out, which was a fabulous way to finish off my big 4 day.

Big box!
Farm animals
Dada shows me my watch
Cool card
More pressies
Fish and chips