My 3rd Birthday

My 3rd Birthday Celebrations

The Party

For all the details about my 3rd birthday party, look no further than my Events page. To help you get a picture of what the day was like, I've also carefully selected the following photos from the day.

The Guests

We had a small number of friends and family over to play. My big uncles Timmy & Michael came to join in too, which was a lot of fun. Great Nanna had a lovely time watching us all play and she provided me with some great company when it all got a bit too overwhelming.

James hits the train table
Nanna & Great Nanna
Alice & Rachael
The gorgeous Carrett girls
Tired out!
Stellar Stella!
Sarah & Liv
James D

The Food

Chow Time
Get ready, set
Mmmmm, cake
Where's all my icing gone?

Cake, mmmmmm cake!

I love cake in all it's various forms (except, as it turns out, carrott cake). I was particularly taken with the icing on my crayon cake and would have happily eaten it all day.

Opening The Pressies

Present time!
A new hat!!!
I received some fabulous pressoirs. My favourites so far are a set of Chuggington cards which I am busy playing with every day, a nuts & bolts dinosaur construction kit and some fabulous oil pastels.

Dada, Jack & I spent most of Sunday playing with my new stash. We've been having a great time all week with the new toys - they've even managed to distract me from the train table for more than a minute!

Hmmm, let's try it out
What fun!
Dada likes new toys too!
My dino & me!
New books too!

The Fun

Dada leads the charge
Louis guards the draw the nose game!
Gorgeous Gracie & Jackie!
Our games included Draw the Nose on the Face and Statues. Louis was particularly cranky at being on the other side of the fence during the party. In the end he finally gave up on his attempts to escape and settled for guarding our drawing efforts.

The Activities

The train table
Face painting
Decorating party bags
Colouring In
Decorating & Colouring Fun
Tim & Trina

The Actual Birthday Day

Birthday Boy!
My birthday was on a Tuesday and was a pretty exciting day. Dada had taken the day off work to celebrate with us.

As soon as the sun dawned on my special day, Jackie & I were up and ready to open presents. I'd been quite excited about Anne & Eileen's packages which had arrived a few days earlier. Jackie also surprised me with a present he had picked out - Bill & Ben, at last!!!

Bill & Ben
Opening Pressies
A Thomas Watch!
Jackie gets a turn
We dropped Jackie to school and then we went to gymnastics. I love gymnastics and had a fabulous time showing Dada how much I had developed since the last time he came along.

The Bars!
Bear on a beam
After gymnastics we headed off to the bike shop to pick out my birthday present - a big boy bike just for me. Whilst I was quite taken with the sparkly pink streamers on the girly versions, I ended up with a tres cute bright blue & orange Malvern Star.

Choosing a bike
Big rider!
We came home only to find that it was raining - thus making it a bit tricky to practice riding on my new bike. I did get a couple of rides in before rest time though and almost had the pedalling knack down pat.

After rest time Dada took me to pick Jackie up from school and then we went to our swimming lessons. After doing a spectacular job of swimming with my big arms, we came back home where Mama had the fish & chips ready for dinner (as requested by me). I opened some more presents and then blew out the candle on my carrott cake. Unfortunately, the cake didn't taste as good as I thought it might and I ended up swapping my piece for a banana instead. It was, as far as I was concerned, a pretty perfect day.

At the end of the festivities it was time for bed. Alas, sometime during the day, all my dummies had disappeared and it was time for me to go to bed without one. I was quite sad at first. I knew the end of the dummies was coming - all week I'd been prepared for their departure and at lunchtime I had left them out for Goodnight Bear to collect. Indeed, while I was at swimming he did collect them (as I told Mama at 2am the next morning "he took them, he took them all Mama") and left me a new teddy in their place. With the new teddy in tow, I eventually closed my eyes. It took a little while longer than usual but 3 days later I've practically forgotten all about them and am back to my normal perfect angel sleeping patterns!

More pressies
and books!
Fish and Chips
Hip Hip
I'll have banana thanks!