My 2nd Birthday

My 2nd Birthday Celebrations

The Party

For all the details about my 2nd birthday party, look no further than my Events page. To help you get a picture of what the day was like, I've also carefully selected the following photos from the day.

The Guests

With NannaNanna & Great-NannaJames & I ride bikesPammyAlex FinchWith my DadaNanna!James and the Giant SpoonRound the garden with DadaGranny & Great-NannaJoel & Jack play chessbut none for me!

The Food

The tableuYumbo!More yumbo!Most yumbo!Don't tell anyone else the food's servedIt's a car!

The Cake
Blowing out the candlesFor me?Are you sure??Hmmm.... okay....Sort of tastybut let's warm it up a bit!

Opening The Pressies

Hey cool!I love books.And more books.And especially this book!This is not a's a tramp to read them on!

The Fun
ZoomingDon't take my bike...Here's your bag...and here's your go!!!
The Actual Birthday Day

My birthday was on a Monday and our household was pretty tired - Jack had a cough & Mama and Dada were both exhausted from the previous week. I was in top form though and well and truly ready to celebrate! We ended up having a very quiet day at home, which was lovely. There was lots more present opening, which I loved - I'd been eyeing off Auntie Eileen & Anne's packages for days!!! I was of course quite unaware that it was really that special a day - I just thought there must have been another economic stimulus package and everyone had spent it buying me gifts!!!

Pressies Galore!

Opening pressieswith Dada's help.Jack joins in...twice - lucky boy!I love books!Quite taken with the bath whaleMore excitementExcitement with GrannyA phone!!!The last pressie.

A Fun Home Day

Riding bikeswith my big broRacingWhat do you mean time's up?Hello there!With Granny & MickWith Granny & Mick


2,4,6,8....Please can I eat now!!!Hooray!What is this cake business?Here, have it backMmmm, banana - that's betterAll is good now...Ican sleep.