First Year Milestones

The March '08 Milestones Movie

March 2008 was a big month for me. My parents finally managed to capture a couple of big milestones on film and present them in a movie for everyone to see. Mama couldn't quite bring herself to delete the movie from the website at the end of March, so here it is on the Milestones page preserved for everyone to see at my 21st!

Play the movie

Toofy Tales
And then there were (finally!)... Teeth!!!

On average, babies get their first teeth at about six months of age. Usually they get their lower central incisors, followed by upper central incisors and then the lateral incisors (the pointy ones). This usually happens all before a baby is 9 months old, so according to the averages I should have had 8 teeth by the beginning of February. I had none..

The situation has, however, at last been remedied. My first tooth cut on Friday, 7th March 2008 but, in true Sam Long form, they aren't cutting in order. Rather, I'm going for the Dracula look by cutting the lateral incisors first!!!

* Top right lateral incisor - 7th March 2008
* Top left lateral incisor - 24th March 2008
* Bottom right central incisor - 13th April 2008
* Top left central incisor - 14th April 2008
* Top right central incisor - 15th April 2008
* Bottom left central incisor - 25th April 2008
* Bottom left lateral incisor - 1st June 2008


I have finally managed to perfect the proper crawling moves and, since 28th February 2008, I now crawl properly about 50% of the time. I can still move about quicker by commando crawling so my clothes will remain filthy until I can gather more speed with my knees!

G.I. Sam

I have been taking myself off in random directions for a few weeks now via a myriad of moves: a couple of commando crawls, a spin, a few rocks back & forth on my knees. The result was not particularly satisfying for me because whilst I was moving, there was no rhyme or rhythm to it. That has all changed. As of Monday, 11th February 2008 I have taken charge and am commando crawling everywhere. I'm enjoying the ability to get places, though getting a bit frustrated that it still seems to take quite a while. Mama is having to quickly adapt though - I no longer sit still in one place when she puts me down and she's sort of forgotten what that stage of babyhood was like! Additionally, I throw in the odd rock up on my knees every now and then, so proper crawling probably isn't too far off (and then watch out world!!!).
Big boy bathing
In the seat with Jackie


I graduated from being bathed in the baby bath to hopping into my bath seat in mid-November 2007. Within weeks I was ready to sit by myself in the bath, but Mama was a little bit reluctant to try bathing two unrestrained children at once! She seized the chance to try me out by myself on 15th January 2008 while Jackie was at Granny's house for the day. The result was great - not only could I sit quite happily but when I inevitably slipped over, I was completely unphased by it. I've been sitting unaided in the bath with Jackie ever since and loving it! My favourite bath toy is the plastic ring that covers the tap - not really it's intended safety purpose, I'm sure.

It's those people I know!!!

Waving Hello & Bye Bye

The jury is out on when I actually first intentionally waved. Mama thinks it was as early as December 18th 2007 when I waved to one of Mama's friends, Tiel. I haven't done a lot of it since then - just a couple of times where my arm moves up and down in what could be considered a waving motion, if you use your imagination. However, it has now become abundantly clear that I most certainly can wave. We recently had some photos taken and put up on the wall and whenever I pass them, I give a big shout hello (it actually even sounds like I'm saying "hello"!), a huge grin and wave furiously at them. It's a guaranteed distraction when I'm getting a bit grumpy and works like a charm, every time - after all, they're good looking people in those pictures!!!

Mmmm, toast
Feed Me!

On the day I turned 4 months old, 11th September 2007, my parents decided to celebrate by putting some gunk on a spoon and attempting to feed it to me. I was highly unimpressed and remained so for their next few attempts. Thankfully they took the hint and left me alone for a couple of weeks before they tried again.

Their second round of attempts started off a little better, but really only for a couple of days. I decided I was over this whole solids saga again and they gave me another reprise.

It was, however, third time lucky because on 16th October 2007 they figured out that rice cereal is not particularly appetising and that apple or pear was a much better alternative. Since then, I've gone from strength to strength and absolutely love my food - I am a Long, after all.

At 7 months of age my varied diet includes:-

* Apple, Pear, Banana, Mango, Rockmelon
* Avocado, Pumpkin, Sweet Potato, Potato, Carrott, Zucchini, Onion, Beans
* Rice Cereal, White Bread, Wholemeal Bread, Rice, Cous Cous
* Chicken, Steak, Pork, Beef Mince, Salmon
* Formula, Small amounts of cow's milk, Yoghurt, Cheese

Considering the fact that I have no teeth, I do a fabulous job of chewing and am pretty good at getting through lumpy food. I can devour a finger of toast pretty quickly now and am constantly reaching for the spoon to feed myself. Mama figures that while Dada is on holidays over Christmas it will be time to let me have free reign of the spoon (that way he can help clean up!).

Mr Chatterbox

I'm fairly noisy and loud for such a little person. I love to "talk" with anyone who will listen (and if you don't listen, I'll shout until you do!). My first discernable word was pronounced on the 15th October 2007 - "blah". Mama wasn't so keen on recording that one as my first word, and so she just put it down to a fluke occurrence.

Raspberries followed the "blah" on 29th October 2007 and I'll quite often lie in bed for half an hour perfecting them before going off to sleep. My first string of sounds came on 5th December 2007 when I declared "bub, bub, bub, blah". The big excitement was saved for 8th January 2008 when I started "Dad, Dad, Dada", closely followed by "Ga, Ga, GaGa".

Rollin', Rollin', Rollin'...

Head & Neck Control

My gross motor skills have been exceptionally good from Day 1. During my check ups in hospital after I was born my paediatrician, Dr David Levitt commented that I had extremely strong head control for a new born. I first lifted my head whilst lying on my tummy just 11 days later on 23rd May 2007.

Reaching & Grasping

The next big movement milestone to come was when I first reached for my rattle on 30th August 2007 at 16 weeks of age and started trying to pass it from one hand to another almost immediately. By the 14th September 2007 I had perfected that and was passing objects from one hand to another (and usually steering them via my mouth too!).

Sitting up
Rolling & Sitting

I started trying to roll around about the 28th August and surprisingly did the hardest roll first when I rolled from my tummy to my back on 9th October 2007. I then took quite a bit of time before I decided I'd roll the other way but on 1st November 2007 I rolled from my back to my tummy and have been unstoppable since. I love tummy time and being able to press up on my arms and look around at everyone. Considering my hefty size, it takes a fair amount of strength to do it too, so graduating to being able to sit up provided a much needed rest! I first sat up (with pillows to help me) on 18th October 2007 and sat unaided just 2 weeks later. On the 12th December 2007 there was definite confirmation that some bum shuffling had been going on for a couple of days when Jack announced "Mama, Sam's walking on his bottom".

Creepy Crawly

Ready, steady...
I first started trying to creep along the floor during tummy time quite early and added pushing off on my toes to the action in late September 2007. In November 2007 I started creeping backwards and this was all an indication that I am not going to sit around and observe the world in the way my big brother did - I want to be off and a part of the action as soon as possible. The big moment that Mama & Dada had been waiting for happened on 19th December 2007. For some time I've been trying to bring my knees underneath me whilst lying on the floor but I finally managed to do it and got up on all fours. In the days that have followed I've continued to do it the instant I am placed on the floor and have also started rocking back and forth on them as well, so it really is just a matter of time before I'm off.

Laughing & Giggling

Dada first discovered my laughing as he changed my nappy, just after I turned 3 months old on 18th August 2007. I am an extremely happy baby and love to be tickled and let out a good giggle - it's always guaranteed to cheer me up if I'm having a Sad Sam moment.

Say Cheese!


My first smile is recorded as being on my Mama's birthday, 17th June 2007 when I was 5 weeks old. No one can make me smile as instantly as my big brother, Jack and I reserve my biggest, gummiest smiles just for him.