My Family

The Long Family
It's not all about me?

I'm the baby, the second child, the little brother and the smallest one in our family of four. (At the rate I'm growing, the last description may not be the case for too long!) I'm lucky to have a big brother, Jackson who genuinely adores and looks after me.

My parents are keenly aware of the different dynamics having two children has brought into our family. They didn't understand just how much I would idolise my big brother and at times (like when he is excitedly waving my arm up and down so much that it's probably 2cm longer than the other side) they wonder if it will last. For now though, this family of four business is great and I've fitted straight into the world - so much so that it's hard to imagine a time when I wasn't a part of it.

My name...

I was named Samuel Atticus Clarence for a variety of reasons.

My parents had a pre-requisite that whatever first name they chose, it must be able to be shortened. It had to be a strong, masculine name (unless I turned out to be a girl, of course!) and had to have a certain gravitas to it. Samuel fit the bit perfectly and is also the name of my paternal great-great-grandfather. Samuel is a Hebrew name meaning "his name is God".

Atticus, was chosen because Mama and Dada liked the name. It is the name of a character from Mama's favourite book, To Kill A Mockingbird. It is of Latin origin and means "from Athens". Clarence is also of Latin origin and means "one who lives near the river Clare". Given that I live nowhere near a river named Clare, it obviously wasn't chosen for it's meaning! Clarence was one of my Poppy's middle names and although I'll never meet him, Mama says he would be pretty chuffed with both me and my name.