My First Christmas - 2007

Happy Christmas!
The First Noel

My first Christmas was, all round, fairly successful. Of course, I had absolutely no idea what it was all about (except that Jack was clearly very excited for most of the day and did a lot of tearing of paper). I did however very much enjoy playing with the wrapping paper (and trying to eat it, naturally) and shouting at the top of my voice to anyone who would listen.

These are chewy!What do you mean, they're not mine?Jack helps me unwrapA Wombat!  Great, just what I always wanted...Now we're talking - this thing squeaks!Finally they remember to feed me!I take unwrapping lessons from Jack

I decided a Christmas sleep in was in order and didn't wake up until after Jack was awake and following Santa's treasure hunt trail. The big decision for me all day was what to wear - in the end Mama went for cute, rather than naff (and as such, the Christmas overalls stayed in the wardrobe). I was quite happy to play with a few of the stacking blocks for Jack's new marble run while he and Dada set it up but was glad when everyone finally remembered about breakfast and things got back to normal.

Mmmmm, tasty!

We went on to Nanna's for lunch where I was very happy to be a part of the action. I had a nice little nap there to keep me in good spirits and in top form for eating more wrapping paper! I was inundated with presents (which clearly I have no idea about and haven't noticed that they've already been placed into toy rotation) which Mama & Dada kindly opened for me - their stash looked like it was going to topple over, there was so much piled up.

From Nanna's we ventured over to Granny & Granda's and I had a quick kip in the car to prepare myself for more frivolity. It was just as well - Granny gave me my very own Pooh Bear who talks and sings and I thought he was just fantastic!!! I love to eat his nose and to bash about wildly on his buttons - the fact that my random arm flailing results in music and him moving is a bonus!

Look at this!I can bite his nose...He doesn't mind, honestly!Noooo, this is MY chair!

I got pretty cranky towards the end of the day and took a little while to settle that evening and proceeded to wake everyone in Granny & Granda's house up multiple times during the night as I voiced my opinion at being put to bed in the port-a-cot rather than in my own house. That aside, Mama & Dada are fairly certain I had fun. I was extremely good visiting Santa, had a blast at the Kiddies Christmas Cushion Concert and loved watching the tree go up, which all bodes well for a fun and happy time next year when I'll be that little bit older and able to enjoy it all a bit more.

Why can't I pull his beard?Smiling with SantaAt the Tree LightingGrins at the Cushion Concert