My Christening

My Godparents, Parents & I
Baby It's Cold Outside!

My Christening was almost cancelled about 3 times in the week preceeding it. I was very sick after reacting badly to one of my 2 month vaccinations and had made endless trips to the Doctor that week. I wasn't sleeping or drinking and narrowly escaped being admitted to hospital twice. In the end, despite feeling fairly shabby and not really up for a party, my parents decided to stick with the date. As such, I was christened at St. Andrew's Anglican Church on July 22nd 2007, which would have been my Poppy's 66th birthday. Thankfully I started to mend and feel a little better throughout the day, though I was still sad enough that I wanted to be held and cuddled for the entire party (a job which made Nanna and Granny feel as though they were re-living Jack's Christening all over again!).

After the ceremony
Mama & Dada put a bit of thought into what would be the best timing for the ceremony, given my sleeping and feeding schedule. They thought they'd timed it perfectly to fit in between a feed and the next sleep and that might have been the case had the Minister not been over an hour late.... So, in addition to feeling fairly sick, wearing a dress and being stuck outside in the freezing cold while we waited for the Minister, I was also hungry by the time Rev. Moore arrived. In the end it all worked out and I was christened with my gorgeous family & friends there to celebrate.

My beautiful Godparents are my Mama's gorgeous best friend, Sarah and my fabulous Uncle Michael. I'm so lucky to have two such wonderful people in my life and to share a special relationship with each of them which will grow as I do. My parents have already issued them with strict instructions such as, "no cake before he's 3", but I'm sure we'll all come to some kind of compromise about these things!
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