My Birth

Is it a boy, is it a girl.... It's Super Baby!!!

Sam I Am
I was delivered into this world, on time and on budget, on Friday, 11th May 2007 at 3:04p.m.. I weighed in at 4.09kgs (9lbs) and was 54 centimetres long with a head circumference of 36.5 centimetres.

There was a lot of talk leading up to my birth that I was in fact a girl (and a whopping 65% of baby shower attendees voted that I would be of the female variety!). Admittedly, Mama was far more sick with me than she was when she was pregnant with Jack (throwing up every day until 22 weeks of gestation and then at least 2-3 times a week, including the day I was born!). She was also a lot more tired, but you know - I'm blaming that all on my big brother!!! Mama & Dada did not know what sex I was prior to the birth, but had I turned out to have been a girl they both would have been extremely surprised - as Granny said "We Longs don't have girls"!.

I was a scheduled ceasarean birth, which I'm again blaming on my big brother. There are lots of statistics about complications with natural births after ceasareans and my parents just weren't prepared to take those risks. My Mama's gorgeous obstetrician, Dr Robert Watson (or "Bob") was supportive of whichever birth my parents chose, but after choosing the ceasarean he admitted he thought it was the best option (which made them feel better for taking the option even though it is so often criticised). In any case, it allowed Mama to get the all important pedicure the day beforehand, so we had the important elements covered! My parents were keen to keep the same birthing team in place and so I was scheduled for a Friday, so that Dr Ralph Krippner could also be the anaethatist and Dr David Levitt my paediatrician.

The birth itself was eerily calm - there wasn't the 2 day lead up and hype that proceeded Jack's birth (perhaps that's indicative of our personalities!!!). Before going up to theatre though Mama & Dada were sitting in the maternity ward, listening to newborn babies crying and I think if there was a way she could have escaped, Mama would have. Panic had set in with the reality that they may well be destined for another 6 months of utter sleep deprivation and constant crying. I fairly quickly reassured them that this wasn't the case, falling asleep moments after being birthed!!

Hey world, here I am!
Hey, quit poking me!
Bob fished me out at 3:04pm (declaring to Mama "you're definitely outnumbered now", followed by "look at those feet!"). I was taken over to the paediatrician and my APGAR was taken (I scored a magnificent 9/10), my umbilical cord was cut (3.07pm) by my now very efficient Dada (note from the photo I already look suspiciously asleep!!!) and I was back in Mama's arms and asleep by 3.09pm. This of course induced an apparent terror in my mother who was not used to sleeping babies and kept asking Dada, Bob, Ralph, David - pretty much anyone - what was wrong with me. She was truly concerned and really was reluctant to believe them that I was just asleep. It was only when Bob leaned over and looked at me, and looked her dead in the eye and said "Brookie, he's just asleep, he's fine) that she believed them. (There's a lot to be said for an obstetrician who nicknames his patients!)

Dada cuts the cord
Hey, I'm cold here people!
It took quite some time for Bob to sew Mama up (all the while she got more and more nauseated). The ceasarean was a lot more painful this time and whilst that pain wore away in the following days, it has not left her memory (and no doubt I'll be hearing about it for the rest of my life). Dada took me off to recovery where he got to know me a bit better (and approved greatly of my sleeping habits!). Eventually Mama came out and I had my first breastfeed and promptly fell straight back asleep. Dada & I went down to the ward and settled in, while Mama had to stay in recovery until she felt less green. Upon arrival in the ward though she proceeded to start a two hour long vomitting cycle, so they probably didn't keep her there quite long enough if you ask me. She also felt the affects of the morphine fairly heavily and could not stop scratching her face which would have been extremely distracting for me had I not still been fast asleep.

Fast asleep

Mama & I spent a fairly relaxing 5 nights in hospital before returning home with a full bill of health (though is was tinted somewhat orange with jaundice - it wasn't just a great spray tan!). The night before coming home Mama watched Desperate Housewives on TV and chatted to Sarah on the phone, before feeding me and going to bed. It was in stark contrast to the all-nighter she & Dada pulled before bringing Jack home from hospital and she couldn't believe her luck! My parents are pretty grateful that it wasn't just the effects of the drugs still in my system and that I have continued to be a dream baby and, in particular a dream sleeper. They're also pretty thankful though that they got us in this order - they're appreciative of how good I am because they know how bad I could be!!! They are forever indebted to everyone at North West Private Hospital and, in particular, to Bob & David who took care of me before & after my fabulous arrival in this world.

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