My Fourth Birthday

Birthday Boy
Four Years Old

I have been counting down to my birthday in a really big way. I'm finally big enough to really understand that it is all about me and that I really do get to choose everything on the day. That being the case, I was all ready to insist that everyone have baked beans for dinner. Thankfully for Dada, I changed my mind and we ended up celebrating with fish and chips.

My birthday started out with a round of present opening (including a very special present from Jackie of a {super delicious banana!!!
I had a sensational day and was well and truly hyped and ready to roll for my Puppy Party - the real birthday was just a trial run really!!!

The party was the culmination of a lot of my creative suggestions to Mama and I was thrilled to see it all come to fruition.

Puppy Party

We had fabulous games - Pass the Puppy parcel, my very favourite game - Tag, Fetch, 4 legged races, Puppy Obedience School and Musical Chairs.

I had a big hand in organising the food with Mama. We feasted (out of individual dog bowls) on sausage dogs, chocolate kibble cups, sunshine balls, meatballs, corn, apples and bone shaped sausages - all my favourite foods.

For more photos of my day and some pictures from the party, take a look at my 4th Birthday Celebrations Gallery