My Third Birthday

Birthday Boy
Three Ears Old

Something very odd happened with my third birthday this year - it all went to plan!!!. My previous events have usually involved some kind of hiccup (no Minister at the Christening, throwing up the morning of my party etc.). This year however it was all smooth sailing.

Colouring In Fun
My party was held on Saturday, 8th May at 9:30am. There was an eery sense of calm in the house for most of the morning and also the evening before. In fact, Mama had the cake finished by 9pm which is previously unheard of. I had deliberated for some time about what kind of party I wanted. The options I came up with were a balloon party, a Thomas party, a food party (Jack's suggestion, which I quite liked) and, the final winner, a crayon party!

I love drawing and painting, so it was an appropriate party theme for me. We created some very cute invitations and sent them out to my very best friends & family. I chose a couple of my friends to invite - Maxi & James (the other two Musketeers) and also my gorgeous friends Stella & Alice who both go to playgroup and gymnastics with me.

The party moves inside!
The party kicked off on schedule and we had a great time decorating our calico bags with fabric markers and crayons. Nanna ran off and worked busily away in the change room for the rest of the party, busily heat setting the bags so that we could give them back to the guests at the end of the party as their party bags.

My parents thought I was probably old enough this year to try out some party games but, in the end, it turned out that they were mostly for the big kids - the little kids much preferred to just run about or play with the train table. The big kids had fun though with a coloured spot version of "statues" and the timeless classic "draw the nose on the face".

I did take myself away from the festivities a couple of times - it just got a little bit overwhelming. Mostly though, I was into it and aware that I was the focus of the celebrations. In particular, I knew that when it came to cake time it was definitely all about me, me, me. I had a sneak peak at my cake in the morning and was very impressed with Mama's efforts. Clearly in the past twelve months I've decided that cake actually is a bit of alright and I was only too eager to sample that first piece!

After the cake and morning tea we opened presents and handed out the beautifully decorated party bags. Mama & Dada had compiled a CD of my favourite songs (including my very favourite, "Sam's Song" by Sammy Davis Jr. & Dean Martin) which we gave to the grown ups as a thank you for coming along and celebrating with us. I was entirely chuffed with the morning and well and truly ready for a rest afterwards. I didn't take too long to rest though - there were new toys to play with after all!

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