My Second Birthday

Birthday Boy
Big Birthday Boy!

Well, my second birthday was a bit muddled (nothing ever goes according to plan when I'm involved!). All was going well - the cake was iced, the decorations were ready and then at 3am on the morning of the party... I threw up. Not a good start to the celebrations!!!

So, the party was postponed and, with no more signs of sickness, was held the following afternoon. A couple of my friends couldn't make it to the rescheduled party, but we still had a lovely afternoon celebrating my second gorgeous, cheery and cheeky year.

Save me Nanna!
All you people should go!
I was initially quite taken aback that there were people all over the house when I woke up. I clung to Nanna for quite some time until I warmed up and ventured outside to my favourite toy - my push along bike. I rode around on the deck for a while checking out the situation and as soon as the food came out, I came into my own.

My theme this year was Transport - mainly because, as my grown up friend Penny so aptly described it "If it moves you, it moves Sam". I love all things transport - diggers, busses, trucks, cars. We had traffic cones holding down the balloons, car-print tablecloths, car cupcakes, dump truck biscuits and car shaped biscuits (lovingly cut out by Helen. When we weren't very busy eating all the delectables, we were busy riding bikes and playing with the mower (which Tyler in particular loved)!

With my Dada
I have been waiting, quite patiently, for the moment of my first piece of cake to arrive - the rule in our house is that there's no cake until you're 2. So, when they brought the car cake out and Mama offerred me a piece I was a little surprised and wary.

Hilariously, I ate the end without the icing first so I was a bit non-plussed at first, though I knew there was something special about it so I wasn't putting it down or letting it go. I did try and microwave it in my toy microwave which didn't seem to improve the taste any, so I did end up eating it all in the end and certainly looked for more the next day. Not at all surprisingly though, I took banana when offerred that instead - Mama feels like her job has been well done!

The table of yum!The car cake!Ready, set, blow!
More pressies!

One of the most surprising moments of the party was how into the present opening festivities I was. I sat very patiently and opened each present, keen to explore what was under the paper. I kept going right through to the very end which was both surprising and pleasing for my parents - I'm not, after all, known for staying still very long!!!

I was extremely spoilt with lots of new books and toys, which I've been loving ever since. It might not have ended up quite how Mama & Dada imagined it, but it was a great party nevertheless - just what the Doctor ordered for a fabulous recovery!

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