My First Birthday

Birthday Boy
Hip Hip, Hooray!!!

I am now officially one year old. That means I've been blessing this world with my gorgeousness for an entire 365 days (and have slept through for about 270 of those!!!). To celebrate my life (any excuse for cake!) we had an afternoon tea on Saturday, 10th May 2008.

My parents have gotten a little wiser in the last 4 years and decided that it was important that two things happen for my party: (1) it should not be held on my actual birthday and (2) it should be small so that everyone can enjoy it. The first meant that it was held the day before which happens to be the birthday of my gorgeous Godmother, Sarah. So, it was an extra special day before the festivities even began.

Hip Hip Hooray for Sarah!!!
The day went very smoothly leading up to the party - I had a fabulous sleep, putting me in great form for the afternoon. Nanna took me for a trip in to pick up Great Nanna which gave Mama & Dada a chance to get the last minute things done (like blowing up balloons - they managed a total of 4 because the balloon pump broke just before they started!). I got dressed into my very snazzy big boy outfit and it was time to party!

My theme was zoo animals (I was featured as the giraffe). There were zoo animal balloons, a zoo animal cupcake cake, elephant shaped sandwiches and giraffe shaped biscuits. A few toys made the trip from upstairs down to the garden and the big kids spent their time playing on the climbing gyms and running riot with Duck Duck Goose. I spent the majority of the time playing with my current favourite toy - the Pound-A-Ball. I was quite happy to show the older children how to use it too and demonstrate it's hours of entertainment.

The photoboard & Nanna
Mmmmm.... cake!
Jack, Mama & Dada had prepared a puppet show to keep the guests entertained. Titled "Sam The Giraffe" it featured a storyline written and read aloud by Jack (as dictated to his secretary, Mama) while Mama & Dada acted out the play with finger puppets. It was a lot of fun, though I did spend the entire duration of the show trying to squirm out of Nanna's arms so that I could go and do my own thing.

At the end of the day I was still quite oblivious to the notion that all of the festivities were for me. I did have a fun day though (how could I not!). Before you know it, my second birthday will be here and I'm counting down the days - because when I'm 2, I can have my first bite of cake!!!

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