Christmas 2011

Cool Glasses!
So, I spent the week before Christmas wondering what on earth was going on in my backyard!!!. These two guys, Ash & Alex, were outside for days making a lot of noise and Jack & I were either banished to Nanna's house or, when we were allowed home, were banned from being in Mama & Dada's room. Something very fishy was going on, I knew that much.

What I clearly had no idea of though was that Ash & Alex were building Jack & I a fort. This was fairly obvious when the secret was finally revealed to me because I just stood there in disbelief. When Mama finally managed to penetrate through to me that it was for us, for Christmas, all I could say was "Oh, Thank You, Thank You!!!". (Yep, you could bottle me and make millions!)

We had an afternoon to play on the fort but then it was off limits while Mama & Dada madly painted it ready for Christmas Day. As it turned out, the rain was against them and it did indeed take 2 days to get it painted and get the sandpit done and so Christmas Day was our first time in it when it was finally finished. Understandably, it was hard to get us out!

Uncle Timmy & Uncle Michael
So we spent our Christmas Day playing on the fort and then playing with our family who came for Christmas Dinner. Uncle Timmy got a pair of drinking glasses which I thought were pretty cool. I also quite liked playing Slamwich with Timmy & Granny but most of all, it was Hotwheels that won for me hands down.

Santa managed to deliver my requests for Douglas and Victor (which was no easy feat - there was a great shortage of Douglas at every toy shop in Brisbane it seemed and only at the last minute could Mama breathe a sigh of relief that he'd been secured!). I scored quite the booty and was pretty impressed with it all. When asked what I liked best, I replied "mmm, I don't know, I forget", in true Sam Long style!