Christmas 2010

Lookie here!!!!
It's the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!!!

last year when Christmas rolled around I was terrified of Santa. This year, he was my best buddy because I'd grasped the concept that I could ask him for something and, it seemed, he was likely to deliver it to me. So, I was quite keen to go and visit Santa again and again and again, in the hope that if I asked six times for the Mickey Mouse toys I was so keen on, I'd have a really good chance of getting them.

Apparently, that plan worked out quite a treat for me because I was inundated with Mickey Mouse stuff. Santa delivered me some MM figurines which I opened with delight and then preferred to play with rather than open any other presents at home. Granny also gave me MM undies, a huge MM toy, a mini MM Santa toy and a MM beach towel. I am well and truly set for Mickey Mouse stuff now!

Christmas Day

Playing with MM guys
Squidgy ball!
Opening pressoirs
Dada helps me out
Mini concert time

Main Beach

What's this....
It's heavy!!
Oh, it's for me?
What's inside...
Any more?

Christmas Eve

By the time Christmas Night rolled around I was exhausted from Christmas Eve dinner with the Lollback family on Christmas Eve, opening presents all day and travelling from Brisbane down to the Coast. I was grateful for a huge sleep in and a massive sleep with Mama on Boxing Day. This Christmas craziness really takes it out of a little boy!!!