Christmas 2009

It's a puppy!!!
It's not a chicken!!!

The “cat” was out of the bag early for me this Christmas, given I decided that on Christmas Eve I would not go to sleep. Usually, 6pm rolls in and I’m desperate to go to sleep (it’s a common occurrence for me to finish my dinner and state “I need to go to bed, goodnight” and take myself off to brush my teeth). Christmas Eve of course, was different. I could tell something was up and that my parents were hiding something, somewhere.

I probably hopped out of bed and tried to get out of the house about 20 times, 19 of which my parents managed to catch me. Just once though, I was quiet enough to make it around to the side of the house and get a glimpse of Louis. The look on my face was priceless – I was absolutely astounded and exclaimed “I see a puppy!”. Mama quickly ushered me off, despite my demands to see the puppy again. Mama, trying terribly not to laugh, said “it’s not a puppy” in her best cross voice, to which I replied “it’s not a puppy, it’s a chicken”. I likie see the chicken!.

Imagine my surprise then when, on Christmas morning, I woke up and discovered Louis in the yard. I exclaimed “it’s not a chicken, it’s a puppy”. After seeking confirmation of the type of animal we seemed to have magically inherited, I then proceeded to introduce myself and make Louis my best friend. I absolutely adore him and am up first thing in the morning to go out and check on him. We’re very similar in personality, so we’re suited to each other like a tee!

I got some other fabulous presents for Christmas (not the least of which is a sensational rubbish truck!), but Louis really did eclipse everything. I’m quite relieved that Christmas is over though – I’m done with Santa for another year and hopefully by next year I’ll even be able to smile in his presence!

Furry chicken
Sam & Louis play
Unwrapping pressoirs