Christmas 2008

And so, this is Christmas!

With my lovely Nanna
Well, my second Christmas rolled around and, much like last year, it was just another day for me. Apart from being traumatised by visiting Santa I really haven't noticed that Christmas has been coming. When I woke up on Christmas morning it was just another morning and I tottered out of my room, over to my play table for a spot of reading. The first sign that something was different was when Jack kept running around with lots of coloured boxes and no one responded to my requests for breakfast until some of the boxes were opened.

Come on already, where's my breakfast!
Just another day...

This definitely was the year for me where the packaging was just as important as the present. That said, I have become besotted with two presents in particular - a dump truck shape sorter (from Granny & Granda) and a car transporter (from Nanna). Can anyone notice a particular vehicle theme here???

Playing with my new noisy fridge magnets
The car transporter!
What do I do with this big box?
Each year Mama & Dada buy Jack & I a special book, one from their childhood which they loved and want to pass on to us. Last year I received Snugglepot & Cuddlepie which I might be ready to read in say another 5 years or so. This year I received The Velveteen Rabbit which is one of Mama's all time top 5 books. If ever there was a boy would could make a toy real because he loves it so much, it would be me with my Spotty!

On my bike seat!

I refused to miss out on any action during the day by even entertaining the thought of sleeping. I'd had such an exciting morning on my new bike seat and was quite enamoured with the bike riding activities (and remain so despite Mama falling off the bike today avec moi!). I could also hear Jack playing with his new car, so there was no way I was going to stop for a minute.

So, we headed off to Granny & Granda's for some more food (hooray!!!) and presents. After dinner there was a photo session of all the Long males, which I tolerated extremely well considering how tired I must have been.

I was fast asleep in the car before we were 5 minutes down the road and had a fabulous sleep on Boxing Day to catch up. My parents suspect that next year it will be a bit of a different story and that I will have started to warm up to the concept of Christmas and of Santa.

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